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Yoga for Every Buddy

YogaBuddies is committed to helping kids improve their health and well-being through the practice of kids yoga. YogaBuddies creates yoga classes and products that make it fun and easy for kids to be healthy. The YogaBuddies program is designed to increase the reach and impact that yoga has on kids around the country. Our YogaBuddies team has taught in more than 50 schools and child care organizations. We are proud to say we have taught in more than 50 schools and organizations. Our products and classes have reached more than 4,500 kids.

Our Mission

YogaBuddies is committed to inspiring each student physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Our goal is that each student, through the practice of yoga, cultivates a sense of understanding and respect for themselves, for others, and for the world around them.

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Our Approach To Yoga For Kids

  • Yoga is a holistic approach to teach children and teens how to live healthy while developing self-awareness.
  • Physical, social, and attitude development is incorporated creatively into every YogaBuddies class.
  • Our kids yoga programs helps students gain strength, flexibility, confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Our program teaches students learn to honor themselves in mind, body, and heart.
  • YogaBuddies has well trained, certified instructors experienced in teaching yoga to children and teens.
  • Instructors are positive and enthusiastic. We want to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Our Certified Kids Yoga Instructors

Danay DiVirgilio

Founder, Owner and CEO

Danay has dedicated her life to making a difference for children and teens. Along with her multiple teacher trainings, she has experience working as a behavioral therapist for children with Autism, teaching teenagers a relationship-based approach to business and Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

YogaBuddies was created by combining Danay’s valuable experience with her care for children and her passion for yoga. Because she lives the life she teaches, the YogaBuddies program continues to be a learning and growing experience for Danay as well as for the entire YogaBuddies team.

Danay is a 9-year breast cancer survivor and a very happy and grateful momma of her 3 year old daughter. Her experience continually motivates her to share the skills she’s learned with others.

Jessica Jablonski

Director of Media Relations

Jess enjoys working with kids, their energy, excitement and finds their pure love to be a gift. She has been a preschool teacher, swim and dance instructor, and now a yoga teacher. She is certified through YogaBuddies and YogaWorks and feels grateful to be able to inspire children through the practice of yoga. Following her dreams, she ended a career in marketing to fully venture into the yoga community. Besides being busy connecting YogaBuddies to the world she also teaches at schools, studios, and hotels. Jess shared how one of her students said to her “‘Yoga peaces me.’ I think that just about sums up how grateful I am for this life I lead and I am thrilled to share this joy through YogaBuddies.” We are grateful to have her on our team!

Natalia Yoga For Kids Instructor

Natalia Rosa


Yoga For Kids Instructor In Green Shirt

Joy du Pont


Rachel Hansen Yoga For Kids Instructor

Rachel Hansen